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Tuesday, 16 May 2006
We believe Cornerstone Christian School should be:
  1. A God-first institution, a place of faith.
  2. A support to families in their God-given responsibilities of training up a child.
  3. A healing place for children and their families.

We believe a child needs:

  1. To be immersed in an environment which encourages every child to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
  2. To be surrounded by staff who are godly examples.
  3. Opportunities to learn about and practice spiritual disciplines such as meditation, prayer, fasting, study, simplicity, solitude, submission, service, confession, worship, guidance, and celebration.
  4. A safe and accepting place to learn and grow, where each student is seen as the unique creation they are and encouraged to develop to their full potential in God’s plan.
  5. A focus on excellence in all endeavors (spiritual, academic, athletic, applied and fine arts).
  6. To be primarily surrounded by peers with homes that desire similar spiritual directions for their children.
  7. Safe opportunities to practice fledging and developing skills in evangelism and discipleship.

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