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Tuesday, 16 May 2006

Cornerstone Christian School is striving for excellence in all areas. It has its own standards and requirements. It is irrevocably committed to work toward achieving the highest and best for each child enrolled in the school. The school will work in cooperation with the parents to uphold and promote the high standards and expectations of the home during the hours that the child is at school. School regulations are designed for the safety and welfare of the students and the care of the physical school building.

It is right to obey. Romans 13:1-5

Our Christian witness should show clearly that we are under God’s authority and that we respect those God has placed in authority over us.

Our conduct should be such that there is no possibility that anyone could be injured.

Our conduct should be such that there is no damage to school property or equipment.

Our conduct should be such that everyone has the maximum opportunity for learning.

We sincerely hope that as our students learn to understand the reasons for the decisions concerning conduct, a good attitude will be developed, and our school will run smoothly in an atmosphere of cooperation and understanding.

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